CABO BREATH FEST   Feb 1-21, 2020

San Jose del Cabo **Only $100** for THREE WEEKS of Profound Workshops

Have you ever wondered why self-empowerment seminars have to be so expensive?

NO MORE!    You can now attend 21 days of life changing workshops for only $5 per day because many leading breathwork and other teachers want to support the advancement of loving consciousness on a large scale. Couple that with lodging for $10 per night in one of the world’s finest winter getaways, and you have the first global event that is truly for the people, by the people where everyone is a Co-Creator 


              The 2020 Theme is        VISION . CLARITY . FOCUS        We invite you to plan a  rejuvenating vacation in beautiful Los Cabos anytime between February 1-21. And while you’re there, do some teaching and learning, some creative collaborating, cooperating, and networking. Enjoy all the music and art, great food, and a ton of fantastic cultural events and tourist activities!

 If you have ever considered sharing your work, your art, or your wisdom with others, you are  invited to present yourself in one of the 84 workshop time slots in this first annual festival. Join us for the biggest party ever with heart-centered people from all over the world, who don’t need anything but the breath to get high!

Proceeds support breathwork in developing countries and TICKETS are still available. You can also piggyback your own event during the Festival to take advantage of our event promotions and venues in stunning San Jose del Cabo. 

Lena Kristina Tuulse
Stig Severinsen
Christabel Zamor
Jim Morningstar
Dan Brule
Peter Litchfield
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